Egyptian Christians Waiting on Government Help to Replace Lost Property
One year after the attacks, Mina Thabet can still see the ruins in his mind -- a seemingly endless series of scorched, hollowed-out church buildings, schools, homes and businesses stretching out across Egypt.

Southern Baptist Pastors Use "3 Circles" Presentation as Way to Share the Gospel
As Derek Staples prepared for a mission trip to Honduras, he was on the lookout for a visual way to express the Gospel. The church mission team, in setting up a medical clinic at a local school, would be sharing the Gospel with people in a pre-literate environment.

South Sudanese Church Leaders Feel Forgotten by the Western World
Church leaders in South Sudan said yesterday that the world has turned its back on the war-torn nation and little is being done to help the millions in desperate need of humanitarian aid.

Kirsten Powers Wants Obama to Know Iraqi Christians Are Dying
It's starting to seem as if the Obama White House operates on a time delay. In the case of Iraq's religious minorities, the results have been deadly.



Tunisian Forces Kill 6 in Standoff with Suspected Militants

Tunisian authorities have assaulted the home of suspected militants to end a 24-hour standoff, killing five women and one man.


Archbishop of York 'Deeply Ashamed' Over Allegations of Child Sex Abuse

John Sentamu, the archbishop of York, has said that he's "deeply ashamed" over allegations of child abuse by a former dean in a recently published report that has revealed "systemic failures" by the Church of England in dealing with such cases.


30-Year-Old Missionary, Dominic Russo, Thinks Big In Order to Evangelize, Change Whole Countries for God

(Photo: Dominic Russo) Dominic Russo, founder of Missions.Me.

A 30-year-old missionary thinks big when he does evangelism - so big that it can sometimes require 2,000 missionaries and tens of thousands of people hearing the Gospel at a time.


Despite Persecution, Christianity is Growing in China Through the Underground Church

The pastor places a palm on the man's head. As he closes his eyes, gentle hands tilt the man backward, below the surface, then guide him up. He emerges cleansed of sin and spiritually committed to Jesus Christ.


Saeed Abedini: A Great Example of How Christians Should Respond When Their Faith Is Tested

Saeed Abedini

At some point in our lives, our faith will be tested. It might be illness, financial disaster, the suffering of loved ones, or even--as is currently the case for many of our brothers and sisters around the world--outright persecution for our faith in Jesus Christ. What does the Lord ask of us?

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