'Church Online' Boasts 100,000 Viewers a Week

An online church with weekly worship services and ministries draws around 100,000 unique viewers a week. LifeChurch.tv is among many in the church community that are embracing the "communications revolution."

Bobby Gruenewald, Life Church pastor and innovation leader for "Church Online," told those watching an online forum that they "see over a 100,000 unique computers every week that come to one of our services at Church Online and we're able to measure the results from the people that come through it."

"We have people from all over the world; I think it's literally 120 countries and territories every week that participate in [worship]."

His remarks came as part of the first ever "Face the Nation" - Google+ Hangout, which took place on Thursday. Hosted by "Face the Nation" anchor Bob Schieffer, the online event's topic was that of religion in America.

"Since this is the holy week for both Judaism and Christianity, we thought it would be good and appropriate to dedicate this first Goggle Hangout to the state of religion in America," said Schieffer before those watching online in the half-hour long program.

"The traditions, the stories, the values of these two great religious traditions, spread around the world long before there was even a printing press. Certainly long before there was cable ... but how are they surviving now in the midst of this communications revolution?"

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SOURCE: Christian Post
Michael Gryboski